Base is an international
network of studios led by creatives.
Brussels. New York. Geneva.

Base understands (context), verbalizes (strategy),
defines (concept), creates (design), seeks (clarity),
and builds (empathy).

Base does Strategy + Branding + Digital.

Base is about people,
simplicity and common sense.

  1. Steve Piron
    Steve Piron
    Web Developer, Brussels
  2. Morgane Van Oncem
    Morgane Van Oncem
    Project Manager, Brussels
  3. Anthony Franklin
    Anthony Franklin
    Partner & Design Director, Geneva
  4. Thomas Marsch
    Thomas Marsch
    Business Developer, Geneva
  5. Louis Hoebregts
    Louis Hoebregts
    Web Developer, Brussels
  6. Lou Verdun
    Lou Verdun
    Web Developer, Brussels
  7. Luc Vega
    Luc Vega
    Designer, Geneva
  8. Daniel Peterson
    Daniel Peterson
    Design Director, New York
  9. Gérald Moulière
    Gérald Moulière
    Partner & Office Manager, Geneva
  10. Jeffrey Waldman
    Jeffrey Waldman
    Senior Designer, New York
  11. Fabian Jean Villanueva
    Fabian Jean Villanueva
    Business Developer, Brussels
  12. Gabriela Carnabuci
    Gabriela Carnabuci
    Designer, New York
  13. Hervé Rigal
    Hervé Rigal
    Partner, Geneva
  14. Min Lew
    Min Lew
    Partner, New York
  15. Dimitri Jeurissen
    Dimitri Jeurissen
  16. John Provencher
    John Provencher
    Designer, New York
  17. Thierry Brunfaut
    Thierry Brunfaut
    Partner & Creative Director, Brussels
  18. Delphine Volkaert
    Delphine Volkaert
    Designer, Brussels
  19. Jacques Letesson
    Jacques Letesson
    Digital Media Director, Brussels
  20. Philippe Egger
    Philippe Egger
    Design Director, New York
  21. Gina Shin
    Gina Shin
    Designer, New York
  22. Erwin De Muer
    Erwin De Muer
    Designer, Brussels
  23. Pierre Stoffe
    Pierre Stoffe
    Web Developer, Brussels
  24. David Moret
    David Moret
    Designer, Geneva
  25. Robert Levine
    Robert Levine
    Strategist & Editor, New York
  26. Arno Baudin
    Arno Baudin
    Design Director, New York
  27. Myles Guiler
    Myles Guiler
    Project Manager, New York
  28. Marie Noorbergen
    Marie Noorbergen
    Art Director, New York
  29. Sergei Heguy
    Sergei Heguy
    Web Developer, New York
  30. Mirek Nisenbaum
    Mirek Nisenbaum
    Partner, New York
  31. Anne Mortier
    Anne Mortier
    Office Manager, Brussels
  32. Quentin Delcourt
    Quentin Delcourt
    Web Developer, Brussels
  33. Sander Vermeulen
    Sander Vermeulen
    Design Director, Brussels
  34. Ross Sokolovski
    Ross Sokolovski
    Designer, New York
  35. Maxime Palau
    Maxime Palau
    Web Developer, Brussels
  36. Juan Sarria
    Juan Sarria
    Web Developer, New York
  37. Lara Berg
    Lara Berg
    Designer, Brussels
  38. Jasmine De Bruycker
    Jasmine De Bruycker
    Strategist & Copywriter, Brussels
  39. Geoff Cook
    Geoff Cook
    Partner, New York
  40. Lola Philippart
    Lola Philippart
    Business Controller, Brussels
  41. Thomas Byttebier
    Thomas Byttebier
    Digital Director, Brussels
  42. Thomas Leon
    Thomas Leon
    Designer, Brussels
  43. Jake Post
    Jake Post
    Director of Operations, New York
  44. Léa Wolf
    Léa Wolf
    Designer, Brussels

The Manifesto

  1. Each job has a context.
    We study it before we start.
  2. First, concept.
    Then, design.
  3. We don't design for designers.
    We design for people.
  4. Every item we produce
    is a communication tool.
  5. We challenge design habits and medias.
    We play with codes.
  6. If it looks familiar,
    we will try something else.
  7. We freely mix
    our creative disciplines.
  8. We are not afraid to make mistakes.
    We learn from them.
  9. We believe there
    is no bad taste or good taste.
  10. We surprise.
    We want people to smile.