Partner Thierry Brunfaut to Participate at the ADM FORUM 2014 in China

Partner & Creative Director Thierry Brunfaut  has been invited to the ADM Forum in Hangzhou in China held from the 6th until the 9th of November of 2014.

The mission of the Asia Design Management Forum, supported by the Hangzhou Municipal Government and China Academy of Fine Arts, is to serve industry, city and lifestyle innovation in China through global innovation, resources collaboration. More than 60 international masters and experts on innovation and design will share their opinions and experiences during 6 professional conferences:

  • Product Innovation & Design Trends
  • Architecture Design Management
  • Fashion Design Management
  • Experience Design Management
  • Interior Design Management
  • Branding & Design Management at which Thierry will participate as a keynote speaker

ADM will present strategies, methodologies, and points-of-view on how design propels success within business society and culture to an audience of 3000 designers, architects and CEO’s.

Mr. Hai Jun, Secretary General of ADM, invited Thierry as a special guest. The two met in 2013 in Hong Kong during the annual design event, the BODW (Business of Design Week) where Thierry spoke about Base’s approach to branding.

Basically, “Brands are like people” speech shares the idea that brands and people interact similarly. Both of them are characterized by an identity, a personality and an experience. The identity of a brand is defined in a way for people to remember it. Essentially through a name, a logo and even a slogan, it is possible to identify a brand, which means to define who it is, where it is from and what it is doing.

We don’t design for brands, but design for people interacting with brands !

The personality corresponds here to the behaviour of the brand. How is it acting? What is characterizing it? Is it more a feminine, masculine, simple, complex, brutal, fresh, etc.? Finally, as interactions between people, a brand and its users share an experience which has to validate the values and the promise that a brand wishes to convey.

The three values evoked above aim to establish a relationship based on the trust between the brand and its users. It is in this purpose that Base Design wish to offer its expertise to brands according to the following: “We don’t design for brands, but design for people interacting with the brands!”.

Here is Thierry’s intervention on video.