IIII+I with Serge de Gheldere

IIII+I: “Work 4 days, learn on the fifth”

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Serge de Gheldere, Al Gore’s Ambassador for Climate Change and CEO of Futureproofed, to our Brussels brand new studio for our first ‘IIII+I.’

Serge started off by explaining why climate change is among the most urgent problems facing mankind. However, he was also quick to point out that the transition towards a low carbon economy could be an attractive, innovative and profitable prospect.

His aim is to act as a catalyst for this transition by working with businesses and the public sector to reduce their carbon impact while improving profitability, by developing new business opportunities and creating shared value for customers and for society.

His presentation was hinged around two axes. On the one hand, “green on the inside”, companies that do not want to miss the boat find ways to reduce carbon emissions while improving their bottom line. On the other hand, “green on the outside”, many companies are also developing value-added solutions to help their customers reduce their carbon footprint and achieve the goals of sustainable development. This gives the company a competitive advantage, boosts turnover growth and employment, and improves overall resilience while creating shared value for customers and society as a whole.

Find the complete presentation here.