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Dear Mr. Corvilain,

My name is Jacques and I’m Digital Director at Base Brussels. I would love to introduce you to some of our digital projects for institutions like ‘Degroof Petercam’ for which we developed a component based user interface for private and public websites. I could also walk you through our design / development process and discuss how ‘Base’ could help you building a coherent yet unique digital eco-system. Base always aim to deliver future-proofed digital experience and for that we highly focus on flexibility, scalability, maintainability and performance.

Below, you will find some relevant case studies that illustrate our expertise in branding. I look forward to hearing from you.



Jacques Letesson
Partner BRU

Sent by Jacques Letesson


A selection of iconic brands...

Base Design creates iconic brands.
We believe brands are like people.
They will stand out through their unique personalities and attitudes.

Base Digital explores the frontier of branding and web technologies.
We conceptualize, build, deploy and maintain digital experiences
for people interacting with brands.

And we are Base.