NeueHouse, A Salon For Entrepreneurs

A salon for creative entrepreneurs, Neuehouse has quickly emerged as the epicenter for New York City’s innovators and troublemakers. The world’s first private work space collective, Neuehouse was conceived as a place to create, collaborate, socialize, and decompress. It is a place to be taken care of while being fully engaged in work that matters. Its best-in class programming, welcoming a wide-ranging group guests including Paola Antonelli, Daniel Boulud, and Slash, informs, entertains and inspires.

Since Neuehouse’s inception, Base has been working closely with the founders and key team members, focusing on how to best communicate their concept and mission to the creative and entrepreneurial communities. As a result of our strategic discussions, we collectively realized there is nothing homogenous about the creative community. The members of Neuehouse are individualistic and incredibly diverse. To develop a more “monolithic” visual identity would be to do a disservice to the company. As such, we developed a non-systematic identity that serves as a loose framework for the organization’s content and activities.

Key pillars like “discovery” and “community,” continue to serve as filters for the purposeful yet eclectic expressions of the brand. Whether it be magnetic signage that changes from floor to floor to the unconventional Neuepaper, every execution is to be as surprising, eclectic and and full of personality as the members of the Neuehouse community themselves. “In the end, we really feel as if we were helping to develop the Neuehouse brand personality more than the identity,” says Base Design Director Arno Baudin, “which in turn allows us to be give more creative solutions to each question as opposed to simply applying a formulaic identity system.”

David Rockwell, owner of the highly acclaimed Rockwell Group, designed the first Neuehouse site, situated near Madison Square Park. With his successful juxtaposition of high brow and low brow, workplace and social space, finished yet imperfect, Rockwell achieved a sublime tension to the space that immediately resonates with the entrepreneurial and creative industries. Inspired by the space, we strive to reflect these dichotomies in our work.

To date, Neuehouse has communicated almost completely through its content. By combining their programming with supporting appropriated material, the Neuehouse brand has been defined as much by those inside the organization as by those associated with it. This trend will continue, as they will increasingly be facilitating thought leadership within the creative and entrepreneurial communities through on and off-site programming. To help frame and communicate this content, Base’s challenge will be to develop new online, print and on-air platforms that will increase the visibility and accessibility of this information to take Neuehouse to a broader audience.