Maison Vervloet: a century of history, a new identity and a new challenge

Base was entrusted with the task of redesigning the identity and creating a complete communications concept for Maison Vervloet. Based in Brussels, Maison Vervloet was founded in 1905 and specialises in handcrafted decorative hardware. The company’s creations combine the know-how of its traditional collections with modern-day trends, inspired by partnerships with famous designers.

Our key objective was to infuse new energy into a rather dated identity to create an iconic and contemporary image. This convergence of traditional and modern echoed previous commissions undertaken by Base for other famous Belgian companies, such as Maison Dandoy and Delvaux.

In close consultation with Maison Vervloet’s team, we redesigned the main themes for the brand, key applications, as well as copywriting and artistic design. For this latter aspect, we worked, with the photographer Filip Vanzieleghem to showcase Maison Vervloet’s latest creations, produced in partnership with the famous architect India Mahdavi.

© Filip Vanzieleghem

To create a 360° communication concept for Maison Vervloet, in parallel to the actions outlined above, we also redesigned the company’s stand for the 2016 “Maison & Objet” trade fair in Paris. Our Spatial Designer Erwin De Muer drew on the company’s expertise to create an elegant and minimalist presentation table together with a novel support for some large visuals illustrating the “India Mahdavi” collection.

Throughout this entire process, our guiding aim was to elevate Maison Vervloet’s communications to the same standard of quality as reflected in each of the company’s creations. The last aspect of the project involves the entire digital communication area.

Stay tuned for more development…