IIII+I with Ozan Aksoyek

IIII+I: “Work 4 days, learn on the fifth”

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ozan Aksoyek, founder of “L’esprit en mouvement“, to our Brussels studio for our second ‘IIII+I.’ This experience was a first shot at Base Brussels.

Sitting down, a position that we become accustomed to from our early schooldays, is one of the basic postures of our day to day life.

What are the subjective criteria of a comfortable sitting position? Can we have a supple relationship with rigid chairs? How can a chair encourage mobility? How to stay seated for variable durations without building up tensions? Personal comfort calls for personal awareness. This training course is designed above all to be practical. It was a major experience for Base Brussels team.

The Feldenkrais method uses small unfamiliar movements as a tool to raise our own awareness of our physical and mental state in order to identify our personal way of moving. In fact, the easiest and most accessible way of becoming aware of yourself is through movement. It reveals, guides and organises the workings of our nervous system.

Next sessions with Ozan to be planned soon!