IIII+I with Melanie Altarescu

Melanie Altarescu Base Design_02

Here in Base New York, we ended our week with a delightful +1 as Melanie Altarescu joined us to share her exciting experiences as an independent creative marketing consultant based in NYC.  Following her experience at Condé Nast where she drove the strategy and implementation for revenue-generating initiatives as the Head of Strategic Initiatives, Melanie recently ventured out on her own to represent a wide range of clients from Artsy to Patrick Janelle .

Melanie loves working with brands to tell their individual stories and to find ways to connect great ideas with creative people. As the Head of Brand Partnerships at Artsy, she collaborated with contemporary artists for the “Artsy Takeover” project which allowed for visitors to physically engage and socially interact at art fairs. These interactive programs become a fodder for social media content, which reward brands with a more diverse and content-driven platforms.

Melanie Altarescu Base Design_02

She also represents Patrick Janelle or better known as @guynamedpatrick on Instagram who boasts over 400k followers. As a trendsetter in lifestyle, food, and fashion, Patrick works with Melanie to elevate his personal brand above the Instagram platform while working with great brands to tell their brand stories through his lifestyle. Also, an expert in event planning, Melanie organizes pop-up dinners designed with surprising performances at Patrick’s invitation only Spring St. Social Society.

As we currently live in an era with an influx of images and videos used as main communication tools, Melanie believes that Instagram is a powerful channel that brands should use to deliver their brand story telling through visuals and imagery.

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