IIII+I with George Michael Brower

We had our second guest for our 4+1 initiative; George Brower. A maker of images, music and software, he joined us to share his journey from UCLA’s Media Arts program, to working at Google Creative Labs, San Francisco and finally to his current position as a freelance “computer entertainer”.  It all spawned from his childhood when George was an avid video gamer who was fascinated by the world of computers and the interface surrounding it.

George shared some work from his stint at Google, when he was on the team that brought “The Wilderness Downtown” project to life. This interactive music video for the Arcade Fire song “We Used to Wait” turns the browser into a story telling canvas. The synchronized mosaic of screens pulls images from Google Maps and Street View, leading back to where the user grew up. George also worked on the Google Trends Visualizer, a website that displays Google’s top searches within a minimalist, animated interface. Originally designed and built for screens in Google’s lobbies, the application was eventually put online and released as an official screensaver for OS X.

George’s work lies at an intersection where new media, information technologies and graphic design overlap. We look forward to the next IIII+I!