IIII+I with teleport.ninja

Have you tried learning to tie a tie using a YouTube video? It’s one of the most awkward experiences possible, and yet how-tos represent a full 4% of YouTube’s uploads. For this kind of non-linear content, the standard user interface of video is not sufficient.

Last week, Cem Sever and Gavrilo Bozovic from Teleport.ninja visited Base to take part in our 4+1 series. Teleport is a new way to watch video. Teleport turns any video into a scrollable and rich experience.

With Teleport, the end-user can navigate the video by scrolling, being totally free in his experience. External contents can be included in the image to provide context and detailed information: texts, images, integrations from social media or videos: anything that can live on-line can be embedded in a Teleport. This allows an immersive, intuitive navigation in video content, with several levels of reading, from a cursory scan of the video to an in-depth navigation of the overlay content.

Teleport relies on a proprietary buffering strategy allowing users to jump to any point of the video without experiencing delays or seeing a buffering wheel. In addition, a large amount of software has been developed to allow video processing, rendering across multiple browsers, administration, etc. This software is currently 13’000 lines long and has been developed in-house.

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