Five-Minute Posters

Since 2012, Thierry Brunfaut, Partner and Creative Director at Base BRU, has been creating a wide collection of Five-Minute Posters. This typographic work is mainly dedicated to sharing his sometimes practical and at other times amusing pocket wisdom to his Twitter and Instagram Base’s social network followers.

These posters have all been made in 300 seconds. Each one consists of quotes Thierry either wrote or collected from his surrounding environment, including his colleagues at Base.

Thierry’s hope is that his messages might strike a chord with readers and stick with them a bit longer than the few minutes they took to create. This said, the light tone is very consistent with the designer’s easy going personality.

Perhaps the most famous poster to date is “Don’t design for designers. Design for people,” which is closely related to one of Base’s key ideologies, “Brands are like people.” “I think designers relate to both,” says Thierry, “because it humanizes what we do. At the end of the day, we’re here to communicate with each other.”

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