© Ron Mueck. Photo © Patrick Gries.

Designing an immersive dialogue between art and public

The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain is a unique example of corporate philanthropy. Since 1984, it has served as friend and patron to some of the most important, daring artists of our day—from Wim Delvoye, Takeshi Kitano, and David Lynch, to Ron Mueck, Marc Newson, and Lee Friedlander. In close collaboration with Fondation Cartier, Base designed a website that fulfills the institution’s mission to foster dialogue between artists and the public.

The result is a digital experience that feels like a physical journey through The Fondation Cartier’s Jean Nouvel-designed glass galleries—full of light and open discovery, with an interactive chatbot that guides visitors on a personal stroll through the collection.


The Fondation Cartier, Paris

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Strategy + Branding + Digital

Design of modular homepage version 1 - Fondation Cartier
Design of modular homepage version 2 - Fondation Cartier
Design of modular homepage version 3 - Fondation Cartier

We built the homepage around two key elements: the welcoming touch of the bot, and a modular design that showcases Fondation Cartier’s existing collection and ongoing commissions.

Design of exhibition page - Fondation Cartier

The website is true to the architecture of the building. It feels like a walk through Fondation Cartier’s open and immersive spaces.

Design of collection page - Fondation Cartier

Ease of use was essential. We designed a filtering system that makes sorting through the collection, archives, and upcoming programming effortless.

Web Developer
Design of related content - Fondation Cartier
Design of the navigation system - Fondation Cartier

The website incorporates Fondation Cartier’s extensive social content, acting as the focal point of the institution’s digital universe.

Project Manager
Design of artwork page - Fondation Cartier
Design of the lightbox view - Fondation Cartier

We incorporated moments of stripped-down design to allow visitors pure and deep interaction with the art.

Web Developer
Custom typography made for Fondation Cartier

One of our objectives was to question and redefine new visual codes for the institution. Voila, a new brand typeface: FCartier.

Design Director
The Fondation Cartier View of the building and the garden at Fondation Cartier, Paris

In the end, with a digital experience that echos an on-site visit, the website is yet another step into the involvement of Fondation Cartier towards the artists and the public, offering a unique insight on contemporary art.