Base for Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien is a group of bakeries based on simple, wholesome cuisine. Founder, Alain Coumont learned the art of baking early in life and at the age of 16, opened his first bakery in Brussels. This little shop has today risen to include more than 250 locations on five continents. For many, Le Pain Quotidien, with its signature communal tables, serene music, and delicious pastries, serves as a refuge to the urban chaos that surrounds us.

Our collaboration began over a casual conversation with the CEO about the passion his customers express for Le Pain Quotidien’s bakeries. “How can we capture the essence of the brand that lives so strongly in the bakeries and bring that sentiment to your packaged goods, catering, the digital arena and new initiatives?” we wondered. “How can we expand this emotional engagement the guests have to everything that Le Pain Quotidien does?” If successful, we surmised, we could significantly expand their existing business and even create new opportunities.

Strategically, we looked at how to express the brand’s story in a broader, more aspirational way. The necessity to convey the European, rustic chic lifestyle that Le Pain Quotidien stands for was clear. An extreme focus was placed on tone of voice, leading to the development of poetic phrases like, “Every morning is a sweet adventure,” that are tied less directly to the food itself but rather to the celebration of simple pleasures and daily rituals. To express the same visually, we directed three photo shoots, the grandest of which, shot by photographer Lydie Nesvadba, portrays an extended family in Provence enjoying a day-long meal. Both copy and imagery were constantly cross-referenced against the strategic pillars of the brand to ensure consistency with our outlined strategy and the brand’s values.

Working with a brand on the evolution and expression of its story is a methodical process and can take years to fully realize true change. Having now completed overarching strategic work, the evolution of the brand identity and story, and the redesign of the entire digital platform, we will continue to work with Le Pain Quotidien this year on actions to further heighten customer engagement across all aspects of their business.Thinking of Le Pain Quotidien as one’s neighborhood bakery has been an important factor in their recipe for success. It therefore made perfect sense to place increased emphasis on locality and the personal nature of the bakeries. These became lenses for ancillary maneuvers within the brand communications. We designed the website to determine your location so as to propose the Le Pain Quotidien closest to you. We structured the social media channels so that individual bakeries could converse directly to their neighborhood audiences, and vice versa. To appeal to the core demographic, we created an editorial platform so Le Pain Quotidien can generate content including recipes and family activities.
The manifestation of our strategic and creative work can be seen across Le Pain Quotidien’s digital platform, including their new website and on their Facebook page