Base Launches New 4+1 Initiative

Today, Base launched a new initiative called 4+1 in an effort to work four days of the week and “learn” on the fifth. The aim is to enable our designers, collaborators and clients to absorb and embrace different perspectives from varying industry experts and to apply with what they learn to the varying projects being carried out by themselves.

Our first guest, Victoria Bartlett is a stylist whose work filled the niche between lingerie and sportswear. Victoria launched her underwear-inspired label VPL – a.k.a. Visible Panty Line – in 2003 and the brand now includes handbags, shoes and jewelry. Victoria pioneered the visionary “active fashion” concept, which has taken a strong stand in the fashion industry today.  Having worked with in the past with the likes of The Last Magazine, GQ, 10 Magazine, Vogue Italia and Espana and Esquire Magazine, Victoria has a breadth of experience and a unique perspective to add being a stylist.

Victoria shared the “active fashion” concept through videos that mix live performance with a runway show.

The first video was VPL SS15 Fundipendulous, a film with a new approach at exercising fashion active wear in an unprecedented way from an interpretation of a stylist. The video illustrates the concept of documenting fashion out of traditional interior venues and into atypical environments. Victoria teamed with aerial artist Amanda Topaz, stylist Haidee Findlay-Levin, and director duo Charles Billot & Britt Kubat, to take her concept to upstate New York and showcase how fashion active can be seen in such an unusual landscape.

In the second video – a short film directed by Douglas Keeve – Belgian model and actress Hannelore Knuts takes on championship-winning boxer Kwame Davis in a true battle of the sexes. The Fight also stars Glenn O’Brien as the enthusiastic announcer and Arden Wohl as a semi-misguided ring girl. Creatively directed by Victoria, this process cultivates serendipity and human interaction is fostered as a means to produce a one of a kind aesthetic.

 Links to her videos can be seen here VPL SS15 Fundipendulous and here The Fight. We look forward to our next 4+1!