Base Wins Merit Award!

Presented by Inwork in San Francisco, The 2013 Dieline Package Design Awards are a worldwide competition devoted to the art of brand packaging. In 2009, the Dieline Package Awards were launched to bring awareness to the importance of well-designed packaging. Andrew Gibbs, the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Dieline, established The Dieline, which is dedicated to the progress of the package design industry and its practitioners – both students and enthusiasts. The competition features the best packaging designs, which have previously included products by companies like Coca-Cola, Absolut, Amazon, Veuve Clicquot, and many more.

We at Base Design are proud to say that we were awarded merit for the new visual identity and packaging we created for Maison Dandoy. We initially asked ourselves two main questions:

  • How do you transform a small-scale, local family business into a global family brand, without losing the image of local craftsmanship and true tradition?
  • And how do we reach a broader audience?

The Brussels bakery had been defined by a rich heritage of savoir-faire and artisanal craftsmanship. Our solution for the current Maison Dandoy identity was a playful take on their well-established, traditional legacy. The new Maison Dandoy brand is built on a toolbox that consists of a logo, typography, illustrations, the color palette black-gold-white, and simple packaging to reduce waste. The beautiful gold and white dot pattern takes its inspiration from baked cookies being taken out of the oven. Visually, the packaging is enriched with quick and humorous copywriting, from a new brand manifesto and a new baseline “Maison Dandoy, Spectaculoos Speculoos”, to several taglines, craftsmen’s portraits, speculoos figurine dialogues, and other stories written in the same jovial and quick tone of voice.

If you still have not seen it with your own eyes, visit Rue au Beurre 31, Brussels! Congratulations to all the other Dieline Package Design Awards entrants and winners!