Base jets off to Tokyo to promote creativity in Brussels

Thierry Brunfaut (Partner & Creative Director) and Fabian Jean Villanueva (PR Manager) travelled to Tokyo from 16 to 22 May to take part in the “Brussels Days” organised by the Brussels-Capital Region. As part of this event, Base had been invited to speak at a conference on the development of creativity in Brussels. Participating alongside Thierry and Fabian were architect Pierre Lhoas, fashion designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard and designers Elric Petit and Augustin Scott de Martinville from the BIG-GAME studio. On Thursday 19 May, each of the participants had the opportunity to speak about their respective professions in the prestigious setting of the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo.

Chaired by Noriko Kawakami (Associate Director at 21_21 Design Sight) and organised by MAD Brussels under the banner of “The Art of Assemblage”, the conference was a chance for Base to present a series of iconic projects including Delvaux, Maison Dandoy, Maison Vervloet and the future beer experience centre set to take up residence in the former stock exchange building. All of these projects were intended to illustrate the opportunities offered by Brussels for developing creative activities in a favourable context, where anything becomes possible, enriched by a cultural mix and revolving around the human aspect.


This idea is illustrated by the extract below: “Why Brussels Is The New Berlin” [New York Times, Dec. 2015]. Ideally located, connected, cosmopolite, understated, close and human-sized, Brussels has become in less than 10 years the new creative playground hub of Europe and an inexhaustible reservoir of open-minded ground-breaking talents. Dreamers, doers, thinkers, makers, they all gather today in Brussels in search of the creative space and freedom big capitals can’t offer them. Welcome to Brussels. Welcome to Europe’s leading creative atelier.

Reflecting the idea of the many opportunities on offer for creative professions in Brussels, architects Lhoas & Lhoas and Base designed a stage set resembling a giant, chaotic and inspiring studio in the very heart of the embassy. This area served as the backdrop for a series of seminars as well as showcasing creations by Nathalie Dewez, Carine Gilson, Jean-François D’Or and Chevalier-Masson, to name but a few of the big names on the Brussels creative scene. To “dress” the stage set, Base developed a series of huge flags emphasising this idea of assembly using visual themes associated with Japan, Tokyo and Brussels.

All pictures: © Eric Danhier/ & © Lydie Nesvadba