Base Celebrates its 20th Anniversary at MoMA

On October 15th, 2014 celebrated its 20th Anniversary last night by hosting an original art performance titled, “Ready to Read” at the Museum of Modern Art.

The performance showcased the high/low dichotomy that defines Base’s work: where culture bumps into pop culture.

As a dozen artists and models streamed into the main lobby area of the MoMA – with the backdrop of the museum’s garden behind them – they each wore a wooden bespoke sandwich board on which a message – one of Base’s “Five Minute Posters” – was displayed in a RGB color spectrum. The messages were a mix of statements about the state of global culture, design and social mores. They included:

  • Your Attitude Will Be Remembered;
  • Life is Offline;
  • Learn to say no;
  • Imagine the Future of Old School; and,
  • So Many Likes When All You Need is Love

The performance featured the artist Rain Dove, model Lucas Christino and actor Katie Stolzfuz, among other emerging artists and personalities from around the world.

The performance, produced by The Image, ended with the models and messages streaming into the crowd – where they took selfies with the audience – before removing the boards and arranging them into a new manifestation as objects, demonstrating the evolution of communication and words as they move from one platform to another: animated to static; analog to digital.

Thierry Brunfaut, a Base founder and partner, began an exercise called “Five-Minute Posters” in which he gave himself five minutes to create a message or poster. They started out as design exercises, but have become a part of Base – a manifestation of its design philosophy – and a source of inspiration and creative growth among its studio designers.

“Base Design created the ‘Ready to Read’ performance as our version of a runway show, only in this case, we showcased how we think and communicate through design,” Min Lew, partner at Base Design, said. “We wanted to showcase accessibility of the message by creating a fun rethinking of the sandwich board and how we could convert this analog version of communication into our increasingly digital world of branding.”

Dimitri Jeurissen, co-founder of Base Design added, “The MoMA was the ideal place for us to explore our purely artistic effort. In elevating our 5-Minute message to this space within the MoMA, we not only channeling our own branding work we’ve created for the museum, including the recent MoMA Design Store retail division where we’re celebrating the story of design.”

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