IIII+I with Fred Fauquette

IIII+I : "Machine Learning, beginnings of the future of Artificial Intelligence"

Last Thursday for our IIII+I, we had the pleasure of welcoming Fred Fauquette, a freelance software architect specialized in iOS and passionate about Machine Learning. Like social media in 2005 and mobile phones in 2010, Machine Learning has become one of 2017’s current trends in Internet Technology.

As sort of introduction, Fred explained the definition of Machine Learning and its various concepts, such as the difference between “strong” and “weak” artificial intelligence. In short: Machine Learning is a method of data-analysis that automates analytical model-building using algorithms that iteratively learn from data.

Fred also enlightened us with a series of funny exercises – a mix of algebra, statistics, arithmetics and observation – to illustrate the very rational way we think and act.

Next he compared the process of Machine Learning to the human brain, by talking about neural networks and how a machine can make predictions, just like our brains can. Fred then illustrated the limits to this notion, by revealing all the subtilities and absurdities coming from Google’s image recognition tool. This resulted in a comparison of Base Design Partner Thierry Brunfaut with Donald Trump.

The discussion ended with a group debate on the future of Machine Learning and its impact on our society. Indeed, we need to be aware of the fact that anything is possible. We will soon have a non-human companion, as intelligent as us, at our disposal. Which leaves us with an important question to reflect upon: how will we collaborate with it?